Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Building Team Spirit

Leadership is a privilege

September 1st 2007 goes down as a special day in IABC T&T's short history. That's the date facilitator Garth Thomas led IABC T&T through its first team building session. It wasn't immediately obvious why this workshop was necessary, after all most of us had already served together for the 2006-2007 year. We knew each other socially, through other networks and within the profession. Heck, we had a hell of a terrific year in the trenches (2006-2007) and nothing bonds people better than when they succeed together.

Still we were growing. A doubling of our membership meant we had to increase the workload of our board as well as its size. Plus, Eureka! We had new blood, with the addition of three new members, two of which included males; there was a general feeling that in moving forward our first steps had to be as one unit.

Maria Mc Millan suggested Garth and he didn't disappoint, with a combination of indoor experiential learning exercises and the wisdom "not of a sage on a stage but a guide on a side" Garth got deep into the emotional forces that comprise a team.

I was completing rejuvenated by the session, so was everyone else judging by the 100 % positive feedback at day's end.

Here are my key learning points from Saturday:

1) Leadership is a privilege

2) A team is an emotional force

3) Camaraderie is critical for success

4) Operate at optimum, together

5) Lean on each other

To all other volunteer leaders of the IABC T&T 2007-2008 board. You are a super terrific bunch and I am honoured to lead and serve alongside you.

Here are some pictures taken at our board retreat on Saturday 1st September 2007.

The team is all smiles in t-shirts bearing the IABC theme "Be

Board members engage in a fun team-building exercise.

Garth Thomas, the retreat's facilitator, leads the session with IABCTT board members.

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