Tuesday, September 04, 2007

IABC Connections - Salvo Shoots People

The great thing about being part of the Southern Caribbean region is that we get to access resources and expertise, I knew this of course when questions were asked about whether we'd want to move to the Southern Chapter.

But having the chance to meet Chris and Suzanne Salvo, global trotters and award winning photographers, well, that was the whip cream on top the hot chocolate. A total delight.

Suzanne is a highly rated speaker at IABC International and District Conferences. She has won the Chairman's award this year and she is a past president of IABC/Houston, which named her Volunteer of the Year in 2002.

Both she and her husband/partner Chris are co-owners of Salvo Photography, an international award-winning studio based in Houston, Texas that specialises in corporate and industrial location photography. That's what their web site states but it is ability to capture inner spirits of people that fascinates me.

In San Diego, when I met them for the first time at the Leadership Institute, Suzanne positioned me in this zany, full of life shot that totally captured my spirit. In Trinidad, last July, at the Kapok Hotel, some of our local board members also had the opportunity to get their pictures taken. Take a look. Chris and Suzanne captures Maria's quiet essence, Giselle's natural beauty and Wendy's glamour.

"Salvo shoots people," that's on their web site also, and that's phrase I find most appropriate.

This Salvo shot captures Wendy's glamour perfectly.

Even her own hands can't hide Giselle's natural beauty.

Maria's natural essence shines through.

The team is all smiles as they pose with Suzanne Salvo.