Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So what's this blogging thing anyway?

Blogs are a trendy way to publish on line, connect with your audience and build your brand architecture. While it is a frequent aspect of the techno savvy’ style, few small business owners, even if they internet users, really know what blogs are. But here are some startling statistics that should make all entrepreneurs take their heads out from the sand.

According to Technocratti, a firm devoted to tracking more than 22.9 million blogs, with one being added in cyberspace every second. Surprised? Don’t be. The rise of blogs have an almost direct correlation with the fall in the public’s trust of major institutions: think Enron.

But even on a less grand scale, employees and consumers have been demanding a level of engagement from institutions which before now had been limited. Regarded as they new influencers, these groups now use the web to publish their opinions, and have engaged like-minded individuals in the conversation.

Bloggers, then are using the Internet and are conveying their own experiences and views on a continuous basis. Many seek to be experts in their own domain, engaging with and learning from the broadest possible audience of peers who are willing to improve the content as part of the conversation.

There are many types of bloggers. The best ones operate in a style that is very similar to the top media personnel. They speak at public events, they attract thousands of readers to their blogs per month and they get loads of citations. They difference is that they are not always linked to a brand or a corporation. There are also the corporate bloggers: the CEO who uses his /her blog to share information about the company’s strategic moves or opine about the company’s products and policies. Finally there are others who simply want to create a community just to share their interests and combine their own knowledge

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