Sunday, May 20, 2007

Energy. Persistence. Optimism

What a week! My lead project assistant La Toya always says there is never a dull moment at the firm. Coming to think of it, she may very well be echoing my own sentiments, which I often share out loud. But this week she was spot on.

We moved our marketing communications arm to an out-of-town location but retained the corporate communications and consulting arm of the business at the city office. We signed on to handle the reputation management and crisis communications of a major multi-national firm and also decided who would be our fifth new employee. All this of course amidst a non - functioning air condition unit, a low water supply at our new office and a moody wireless high speed connection that kept shutting down every 45 minutes or so.

And if that was not enough excitement I travel to Toronto to attend a regional IABC meeting. I keep telling La Toya that forget all the talk she's heard about genius and business smarts, it really takes three key ingredients to be a successful entrepreneur: energy, persistence and optimism.

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